Ride Services in Katy, Texas: What Customer Support is Available?

Anyone who believes that VIA has discriminated against them on the basis of disability can file a complaint with the ADA to the VIA Customer Service Department. When submitting a complaint, it is important to indicate if it is related to a disability and provide enough evidence to demonstrate the connection between the complaint and the disability. If you have requested a response and provided contact information, you will receive a response with the results of the investigation within 20 business days. Harris County operates its programs and services without any discrimination based on race, color, or national origin in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act.

In addition, under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), VIA must make its services and programs accessible to people with disabilities in accordance with the ADA.

Rideshare Programs

Rideshare is a meterless program that requires advance reservations. Passengers share rides with other passengers, allowing them to get to their destination quickly and efficiently. Fort Bend Transit's mission is to provide safe and efficient public transportation services while ensuring service quality and customer satisfaction.

Harris County Transit

Harris County Transit will process and investigate complaints from individuals alleging discrimination in their programs, services, or activities, under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). They may also take you if you need to go to the dentist, pharmacy, grocery store, senior center, or anywhere you get Medicaid services.

Commuter Park and Ride Service

The Commuter Park and Ride service offers Monday through Friday service to the Texas Medical Center, Greenway Plaza and Galleria areas of Houston. RIDES is a subsidized, street-to-street program that allows eligible customers and participating agencies to purchase transportation services at a significant discount.

VIA Auxiliary Aids and Services

VIA will provide appropriate auxiliary aids and services when necessary so that a person with a disability has an equal opportunity to participate in VIA programs and services.