Electric Ride Services in Katy, Texas: An Eco-Friendly Way to Travel

METRO is taking strides to create a more sustainable transportation system, with over 400 diesel-electric hybrid buses running cleanly. To provide transportation to an underserved part of Houston, a Texas-based company funded by Evolve Houston and Houston City Council District D has implemented electric vehicles. The Katy branch has 68 electric charging stations, each with 8 charging nozzles. The grant, which was awarded to establish an on-demand transportation service in the area, has enabled the company to provide a convenient and eco-friendly option for locals.

Ryde's GEM electric vehicles can accommodate up to five passengers and travel up to 40 km/h. The vehicles have seats with personal fans and cargo space in the rear. During the pilot program in the Third District, a woman was transported who had recently learned about the service and had been using it regularly for a few days. The service is free in the Houston area, although there have been cases of people requesting trips for fun or curiosity rather than for legitimate transportation needs. Another environmentally friendly service that allows travelers to share their commute to work is STAR Vanpool.

Buc-ee's, a major chain of Texas travel centers, is investing in the future of electric cars by adding charging stations to all of its locations. Currently, there are 68 charging stations at the Katy branch, with 8 charging nozzles each. Buc-ee's plans to have at least 120 charging stations in total, with 960 charging nozzles ready for use. Electric ride services are becoming increasingly popular as people look for eco-friendly options for transportation. With METRO's hybrid buses and Buc-ee's electric charging stations, residents of Katy, Texas have access to convenient and sustainable transportation options.